Seni Pertunjukkan


November 7, 2019 | 18.30

Bandung Independent School

Jl. Surya Sumantri No.61

RSVP for tickets : 081220502956

With binôme, science becomes an inspiration for theatre!

binôme is an original and innovative project imagined in 2010 by Thibault Rossigneux, director of the french theatre company Les sens des mots. It is the result of a collaboration between contemporary playwrights and scientists, following a very strict protocol.

Two plays of the binôme collection will be presented during tour in Indonesia:

Souris Chaos (Chaos Mouse in eng.)
From a brief encounter between the playwright Frédéric Sonntag and the specialist of physiopathology of obesity, Daniela Cota (Inserm), was born this cruel and witty comedy about food as catharsis. On the set of a cooking show, three characters breathe life into the author’s words inspired by the scientist, revealing the excesses of our consumer society and the chaos of our own addictions. ‘Even after having eaten, I still felt emptiness and I had the feeling that I had to fill such emptiness’.

A condition d’avoir une table dans un jardin (As long as you have a table in your garden in eng.)
Written by Gérard Watkins, following his encounter with Edmond Dounias, ethnobiologist (IDR)
A Pygmy shows up at a boho couple’s place, they bought an exotic wood dining table nine years earlier and apparently did not read the general conditions... With kindness and subtlety, he starts a sociological analysis of this couple who are losing their landmarks step by step. 

Every performance will be played in english and will end with a common moment of exchange between the audience and the artistic team. Don’t miss it!