Creative Mornings Bandung : Arya Widya Nugraha

June is CRAFT


A craft is the instrument in which the authenticity of your being is communicated.


Your craft is like a portal to your inner world, and as an artist, it’s your duty to pull it out of the vortex. Craft is a catalyst for our identity and the soil for cultivating meaning.


It behooves us to realize that who we are and become—our values, beliefs, thoughts, observations—influence what comes out of the violin, sketch, or photograph, not the other way around.


This month’s global exploration of Craft was chosen by our Mumbai chapter, illustrated by Hemali Vadalia, and presented by Adobe.


About the Speaker :


Every creation fabricated in earnest, painstaking manner will undoubtedly inherit its creator’s heart. That’s what Arya Widya Nugraha believed when he established Jollyrogerx Leatherworks.

In a world where everything is mechanized and automated, he persevered to make his work solely by hand. Giving meaning to what used to be plain, inanimate object.

To him, it isn’t mere product—it’s a craft.